Maintenance and Operation

All buildings require an element of operation & maintenance to keep them in good working order, and churches are no different. With the advent of modern technology and higher expectations, this has become a far more prominent element of church life.

In order to accommodate these aspirations, we have developed a team with differing talents to provide the operational and maintenance skills necessary to serve the church as a smooth running operation.

“When I was a young boy, the church sent out a fellow called John Burrage from our church to be a missionary, and funds were raised by collecting Ship Halfpenny’s at the Sunday school.

He returned on a break when I was about 20, and one Sunday evening gave a very interesting talk on the work he was doing in Africa. His vision was to provide buildings for new churches to worship, stressing that while some are called to be missionaries or evangelist, there is a place for people with more practical abilities to serve the churches as a ministry.

This made a dramatic impact on me and has stayed with me ever-since. Not everyone has the same skills, but it is our duty to maximize those gifts which we are given.

At this time I realized that maybe my ministry in the church should be associated with facilities rather than platform activities. Therefore over the years I’ve tended to work in this capacity.”

If you would like to serve in this ministry please speak to Alan Pitt or Ali Moffat

Contact Details:
📞 01622 757095