The Bible tells us that we are to pray without ceasing – so it is expected that Christians will pray.  God is our heavenly Father and He longs to communicate with His children.  Prayer is one of the ways in which we can do this.  So how is intercessory prayer different from ‘prayer’?


God calls some people to be His watchmen on the wall – a challenge.  If God calls you to this kind of ministry, He wants you to be willing, to be prepared to pray, perhaps for a long period of time – not all at once (!) – for particular issues which He puts on your mind and on your heart.  This could be for a person, a nation or an issue. But intercession is not a quick type of praying.  It is seeking God in a deeper way to find what is on His heart.  He can reveal this quickly or more slowly to us.


As time goes on, He can/will give more and more understanding, showing different aspects about the same thing.  Intercessors are not a type of superior pray-er.  If God calls anyone, He will train you by the Holy Spirit.