Our Church
The Life church is a Bible believing Christian church and part of Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland, one of the mainstream church movements in the UK. We are also affiliated to Evangelical Alliance.
With God’s help, we want to fulfil our vision to bring the love of God to the 21st Century church.

Our worship
If this is your first time in a Pentecostal church, we want you to feel comfortable and at home with us. You may have some questions about our style of worship, such as why people raise their hands or speak in a different language. Below is a brief explanation that may answer some of these questions.

Why do we express emotions?
Love is a powerful emotion, so are joy and peace. True worship is not worked up but comes as a spontaneous flow of adoration to God. Some people may laugh, cry, dance or kneel…all are ways of expressing emotion and how they feel about our awesome God.

Why do we pray or praise at the same time?
Sometimes individuals speak one at a time, at other times we corporately pray or praise God at once. In the Bible, it was reported that the whole church ’raised their voice together in praise to God.’

Why do we raise and clap our hands?
Everyone uses their hands in expression and communication: so it is when we communicate with God. In the Bible, the apostle Paul wrote, ‘I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer.’ In the book of Psalms it says ‘Clap your hands all your nations; shout to God with cries of joy.’ When we raise our hands and clap we are celebrating, acknowledging and appreciating our outstanding Father God.

Why do we speak in different languages?
The Life Church is Pentecostal and believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. One facet of this is the supernatural ability to speak with a language we have not learnt. We use this gift for worship and prayer as English often cannot always express the deep feelings we have for God.

Why do we pray for the sick?
Jesus told his followers to ‘pray for one another that they might be healed’ (James5:16) and we believe the same today. Sometimes we will anoint a person with oil and pray for healing in accordance with teaching in the Bible. (James 5:14)

A potted history of our church:
In 1927 there was a Stephen Jeffreys Divine Healing & Evangelistic Campaign in
Maidstone in the Corn Exchange and the people who accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour formed the first Pentecostal church., meeting together in various places until 1945 when this building was purchased.

As you see it looked very different but note that the Working Men’s Club bollard is the same! It was known as Assembly of God and kept that name until 1984 when it was called Manna Christian Fellowship and changed to The Life Church in 2008. The present
façade was completed in 1960 and the purchase of the cottage to the left enabled there to be a kitchen and creche, with upstairs rooms. Then in 1988 No.13 was purchased and the café and rooms as we have them today were provided. Maidstone Christian Bookshop occupied the shop area for 25 years and it is now used by Ethos Fairtrade

Over the years God has blessed us in many ways, providing pastors, teachers,
evangelists and the church has been a resource to many churches and organisations in Maidstone. We held the first town Alpha courses here; supported missionaries in
India, Congo, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Austria, China and the Philippines; held Sunday Schools and children’s clubs around town; youth groups; Bible School; and expanded into 4 new churches in Maidstone.

We thank God for all that He has done in the past and for His goodness and blessings which will not cease, and we wait upon Him to unfold His purposes for our future .

The building has altered considerably since the first church was established in 1945

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