The Life Church, Maidstone

Our Church is situated right at the heart of Maidstone in Kent, a lovely town in the south east of the United Kingdom. The Life Church Maidstone is a contemporary, spirit filled church under the umbrella of the Assemblies of God, Great Britain. We would class ourselves as a Pentecostal church believing in the gifts and moves of the Holy Spirit. Our people are from different backgrounds and nations, coming together as one to make us who we are.


We want to take this great opportunity to welcome you to our web page. Whether you are web browsing or purposely looking for a church, we hope you find our website refreshing and purposeful.

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Our vision is to apply biblical truths to the times in which we are living and to discover the gifting and calling God has for our lives.

The message of the gospel is still relevant today. God is the answer in everything everybody is going through however we need to welcome Him into our world.

If all of this seems new to you, why not try popping along on a Sunday morning at 10.30 am. Our welcome and hospitality team, on the door will be delighted to greet you and explain in depth what we are all about, and we would love the opportunity to get to know you. God bless you!